We offer four core brews along with seasonal and specialty beers released throughout the year.



London Fog: 4% - 15 IBU (on tap | 473ml cans)

  • Golden Ale infused with Organic Earl Grey Tea and French Vanilla.

Coconut Chai: 4% - 15 IBU (on tap | COMING SOON: 473ml cans)

  • Golden Ale infused with Chai Tea and Coconut Extract.

4.5% 15 IBu

Bees go to the end of the earth twice (roughly 100,000km) to produce the honey for our beer.  Crisp, clean and refreshing with just a touch of honey sweetness. 

6.9% 20 IBU

Inspired by a 300 year old recipe for a German festival beer and brewed with Weihenstephan yeast, the oldest brewery in the world.  Rich and malty with a balanced sweetness.

5.9% 50 IBU

This IPA showcases the beauty of West Coast hops, grown by our friends at Harvesters of Organic Hops.  Deep golden in color with an enduring hop aroma.

4% 20 IBU

This is not your typical stout. Refreshingly light and crisp, this stout boasts bold flavours of cold brew coffee, chocolate and a hint of molasses. Popular all year round.